New website goes live!

11/07/2013 by Mike Danford

Here it is. Finally. Our new website. And about time too!


Let’s give you the background… After several aborted attempts at designing the fourth incarnation of the Mixd website ourselves we had simply fallen out of love with trying design it again – we were going around in circles and getting dizzy in the process. We soon realised we needed to practice what we preach by always using the best people for the job. So we got in touch with one of our favourite designers, Mike Kus and we were delighted when he said he would love to work with us because we felt that Mike’s love of the creative process is very similar to ours.

Not only did he help focus our fantastic new vision for Mixd, he also taught us a thing or two about client relationships. For example, right at the beginning of the project he said that he would keep working on the project until we were happy with it – no limits on stages of design, no caps on sets of amends. Put simply, his confidence in being able to get things right quickly meant that we just knew he would do us a great job.

And when we thought about it, we do exactly the same – although we always stipulate how many sets of designs a client will get in our proposals, we never activate the clause. So, we now tell our clients the same as Mike told us – no limits – we want to get it right and we know we will, no matter how long it takes. And that’s because we are just as passionate about what we do as Mike is about what he does.

Anyway, back to the new website. We loved the refreshingly different approach that Mike took to the homepage – whoever thought of a website design company that doesn’t plaster client logos, images of web pages and promises of returns of X on an outlay of Y over a term of Z?

We’ve got spoons, pencils and bike wheels. Beautiful form, perfect function. You see, that’s us in a nutshell.

What we did do ourselves was the fully responsive build – as I said at the start of the article, we always get the right person for the job so Aaron has spent the last few months carefully crafting every last detail of the build, pushing the rest of the team as he went – chasing for content, pressing for photography and constantly harrying for feedback. Clearly he was truly inspired about the new website and simply wanted it to be perfect.

Finally, we want to say a great big thank you to an old friend of Mixd, John Hutchinson for the team shots – he’s done a great job, although I wasn’t particularly happy when he had me stand on a box for my shot so he didn’t have to re-arrange all the studio lighting…

So, we hope you like what we’ve done and of course we’d love to hear what you think about it!

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