Placement blog #2 – Alex

07/12/2016 by Alex Edwards

The last time you heard from me I had ketchup down my jeans and was reeling from the effects of Phil Shackleton’s super-strong coffee. Fast forward and i’m wearing a coveted ‘developer shirt’ and have figured out the perfect amount of sugar for Ash’s tea.

In only four months, I have learnt an incredible amount surrounding project management, collaborative development and in-house work flows, all on top of industry standard practices such as BEM naming and user-centred design. In total, i’ve been introduced to 5 new pieces of software and two new languages. I’ve also been handed four long-term projects and am continuously encouraged to engage with existing website maintenance and participate in other ongoing projects where I can.

Being in such a small office has provided me with numerous opportunities to shadow colleagues. I can swivel my chair around and see what Emily is designing, or I can scoot-along two metres right towards Jim, and check out which plugins he is linking together as part of a bespoke membership area for a large client.

“You know you’ve made it when your schedule for the next 3 weeks is full” – that’s a saying, right?

There’s nothing like being busy when the work you do is contributing to something real. It’s quite different to University work, where I know i’m working to a hard deadline 6 weeks ahead, but will still be able to polish and make tweaks to a project afterwards. It’s even better knowing that you’ve helped produce something that will be of use to a person, rather than something they could just scroll past.

With Christmas coming up, there is a rush on to meet all deadlines before we can get merry in York for the traditional Christmas pub-crawl. Expect pictures on our Instagram page. Meanwhile, I have my first development sprint coming up and some design work to complete.

For now, this is me signing off and getting back to work!