Placement blog #1 – Ed

18/11/2016 by Ed Richards

My Background

I’ve always adored technology, both hardware and software, but even when choosing my university course I wasn’t 100% sure what I’d end up doing afterwards. The Creative Media Technology course at Leeds Beckett offered a wide variety of modules, such as video production, 3D, web and graphic design. This was perfect to allow me to find my niche and give me time to develop my skills in various areas. One area in particular I enjoyed from the start was web design and development. I had minimal experience in this field, with just the basics under my belt from A Level Computing. However with some excellent tuition and plenty of practice in my own time, I developed my skills to a level where I was comfortable to go and find some work.

The Dreaded First Project

The first freelance project is both exciting and scary. Suddenly you’re getting paid to do what you love, but you also have a human being on the other end of the project who expects quality work in return. However, the pressure eventually disappeared and I was able to confidently deliver work to numerous clients. This wasn’t without its ups and downs! My time doing freelance work has taught me well, far beyond just the technical skills and deep into the realms of client services, deadlines, budgeting and time management.

What Next?

My freelance work was prioritised next to my university work, however due to the inconsistency of projects, juggling the two wasn’t ideal. One month I’d have a heap of university work and two clients asking when they could expect their site to launch. The next, I’d be binge watching another Netflix Originals series, waiting for some work to come in. I needed some consistency!

Working at Mixd

I was extremely fortunate to be part of an interesting university tutorial, held by Mixd’s very own Luke Whitehouse. It came to light that Mixd were offering a short term position helping with some content work for a couple of big projects, and of course I was immediately interested. I’d seen the quality of Mixd’s work in previous university research and was particularly interested in seeing the workflows and processes behind this. One year later and I’m taking part in a web development placement, learning more than I could have ever imagined. Every day I’m picking up great tips and tricks to add to my arsenal and working with a brilliant team of fun and hard working people. The attitudes and values that Mixd hold have inspired me to continue working hard in web development, with the hope of one day becoming a full time front-end developer.

N.B. All words in this post are my own and no member of the Mixd team has bribed me with food and/or alcohol in return for a positive reflection.