Ciao Milano

16/12/2019 by Mike Danford

One of the highlights of the year here at Mixd is our annual #Mixdmas. Borne out of a combination of our Mixd Summer Adventure and our annual Christmas party, we decided we wanted to do something a bit different as typical drunken office Christmas parties don’t really fit with how we work at Mixd.

So, instead each year we ask a member of the team to research venues across the UK and Europe and come back with their ideas for what they think will be a hit with everyone with minimal input from the senior team – we just rubber-stamp the final choice. We find this approach really works as each year we get a different outlook about what people really love and want to do. We leave the organiser to research flights and choose hotels as well as explore things to do and places to eat when we get there.  Of course we are always available to lend a hand if they should ever need it! Naturally we cover most of the costs whilst we are away such as flights, hotels, main meals and planned activities and just ask everyone to bring a bit of spending money to cover incidentals.


Following our first trip abroad last year when we visited Berlin, this year we visited the Football and Fashion city of Milan where we visited the Duomo, had our planned bike tour called off due to torrential rain, ate in a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Cathedral and even visited the macabre Ossuary – a chapel decorated entirely in human bones.

Whilst Mixdmas is meant as a break from the office environment, an opportunity to relax a little and get to know everyone better in a much more social setting, we do set aside a little time on the afternoon of the final day to discuss plans for the following year, get to hear from everyone about what they want from us and finally to get to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone that makes Mixd, well, Mixd.

The Mixd team in Milan - the cathedral and shopping centre

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