Placement blog #1 – Alex

01/08/2016 by Alex Edwards

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alex Edwards, a student at Leeds Beckett University, studying Creative Media Technology. At the time of writing this, I have completed my second year and have started an 11 month placement here with Mixd.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last two years learning a variety of digital media skills, ranging from traditional graphic design to 3D modelling. However, since that first Web Authoring assignment I’ve been hooked!

Why Creative Media?

Good question! Coming from a fairly tech obsessed family, I was bound to have an inherent interest in all things computers. IT was always a favourite and it wasn’t long before I realised my passion lay in using computers to create with.

One gap year, a brief spell at Lancaster University and a UCAS search later, here I am. By studying such a broad course I’ve been given the time and support to try a variety of media types and further my skills in most. But for me, the pull of front-end development is too strong and is where my passion lays the most.

How did you end up at Mixd?

This is where it gets interesting! What I originally “thought” was a minor task of researching my local creative agencies led to me stumbling onto the Mixd website. The site made such an impression on me that I ended up using it multiple times for a variety of research and planning projects. Since then, it has represented the type of work I aspire to create.

A guest lecture by Jason and workshop from Luke on responsive design provided ample opportunity to introduce myself and make my first real connections to the industry. It was then that I first heard of Work in the Web – a 3 day intense workshop run by Mixd from their office in Harrogate. Sessions from the likes of Dan Edwards and Harry Roberts opened up many doors to development tools and techniques I had never heard of, adding more fuel to an ever-burning passion.

A few months and many emails later, here I am sat in the Mixd office, with my own desk and cup of coffee. A tour of the building, access to the coveted Spotify playlist and an invitation to the Pokemon slack channel have made for a really enjoyable first day – even if did end up with ketchup down one leg.