Introducing Ross, our new developer

17/07/2019 by Ross Lammin


My name is Ross and I was delighted to be offered a position at Mixd as a web developer. I came straight from my previous position as a junior web developer as I was looking for the next big challenge and knew I could learn so much from the team here.

Development background

I started out on an apprenticeship in 2016 where I completed competency training in the fundamentals of web development and training in modern languages including; HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, PHP and the CMS API for WordPress. I also received training in UI/UX from the early stages of project planning i.e. Defining top priority Key Goals, User Personas, Storyboarding and User Journeys, as well as testing and deployment methods.

After the completion of the apprenticeship I found my first full time employment with another agency in Leeds which utilised all the skills I learned in the apprenticeship plus the added role of on site training in digital design, Google Analytics and SEO optimisation.


I have two daughters that keep me busy and we love spending time in the park or the beach on the weekend. I am a keen musician and I like to write and compose original songs  – I play the guitar, bass and drum kit.

I am also a very keen gamer and my Xbox is my baby –  my dad always said I had a console in my hands before I could even crawl and I am still the same now. If you ever want to talk about gaming I can go on for hours, especially talking about Final Fantasy!


I am looking forward to my time at Mixd, where I can add to an already outstanding agency and learn new skills from great people at their brand new headquarters at Platform. The future at Mixd looks very bright and I am proud to be a part of it.

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