A glimpse into working for a web agency

11/06/2013 by Josh Johnson


Let me introduce myself before diving into why i’m writing this. I’m Josh Johnson, a 20 year old, second year undergrad at the University of Leeds studying (you can probably guess right?) a BA (Hons) degree in New Media.

By studying a degree that covers so many aspects of the digital world (it needs a venn diagram to truly understand it!), I have gained skills from both the design and programming sides of the web production spectrum which has turned me into, what I believe they call, a web hybrid.

Despite having many reservations about studying a degree so broad; I have found enough time in between my modules to perfect the many skills needed for working in the web and have loved every minute of it. By adapting these skills to uni projects, I eventually had enough of a portfolio to start gaining real life client work, opening numerous opportunities I would have never anticipated.

How this came about

This is where Mixd come in!

Despite having client work which I could be proud of, by the start of my second year, I couldn’t help feeling that I needed some experience in a company operating in the web industry to understand what it is truly like.

By attending a university run networking event at the beginning of my second year I was able to meet Aaron and Jason who, after seeing my portfolio, asked me to come up to Harrogate for an interview with the potential of a securing a placement.

Fast forward a few months and I am now sat in the Mixd office with a monitor hooked up to my Mac and a freshly made cup of tea writing this blog post!

What have I got up to?

Over the past few weeks I have been part of two client projects where I have been able to design, code and see projects come to life. From simply being involved in these projects I haven’t stopped learning whether it be from using the Mixd framework when coding or the attention to detail and collaboration embraced when designing.

Working in the web industry is awesome, it really is.

In fact it doesn’t actually feel like “work” at all. As web design and development has been a hobby of mine for a few years now, I am adamant that this is the industry for me.

Now to get used to the early morning commute…

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