11/05/2018 by Fran Davison

Leeds: a growing hub of digital activities, tech startups and now a spotlight for a jam-packed digital festival.

Mixd recently moved to Leeds and we are excited to be right in the heart of a growing digital scene. We were totally taken by it. The city seemed more alive than normal during the 2 weeks of the event, with people flocking to venues throughout the city to indulge in what was being offered. The fact that the festival had more tech events that San Francisco and was attended by more than 20,000 people just goes to show how much of a success it was!

Around our office space, you could really feel the buzz it had brought. There were some really good events on which were inventive, inspirational and informative.

What did we like about it?

We like it not only for the fact that it brings awareness to companies and helps boost the north as a digital powerhouse but it also engages the community to learn more about topics which are becoming increasingly fundamental in business globally. It involves anyone and everyone who is interested in technology.

A highlight this year was a mashup and the first ever She Does Hey! (She Does Digital & Hey!). It was created to include more women in the industry and acknowledge them. My colleague, Alex and I attended this one and we did not regret it! We were inspired by the strength and resilience these women showed in the face of failure. There were numerous poignant words spoken throughout the night but here are some of my favourites:

  • “It’s better to take risks than it is to wonder what if”
  • “Everyone’s is responsible and no one is to blame”
  • “If not now, when?”

We definitely left feeling more powerful and inspired.

Other events attended drew focus on all sorts of things within the industry including the hot topic of GDPR as well as UI/UX innovations, SEO, Social Media, Coding, Product Development, Fintech… the list goes on! It was great to see the engagement and so much learning going on.

Why we loved it…

Well, learning is at the heart of the Leeds Digital Festival. It’s a space to share not only knowledge but passion too. Also, it’s a perfect networking opportunity!

As a company, we work closely with our local Universities and over the past 4 years, we have run a free, 3-day workshop for students who want to Work in the Web. So, we understand the importance of educating and learning being at the forefront of our industry.

Here are 5 top things we took from Leeds Digital Festival:

  • Don’t be afraid of failure, it is an option
  • Take opportunities when they arise, don’t wait around
  • Think big and outside the box
  • Work collaboratively and share ideas
  • Involve everyone in what you do, including the quiet ones!

What’s next?

Well, we can’t wait for next years festival already and are keen to get involved and continue the work we do in this industry.