Lorraine Wins Gold at European Duathlon

03/07/2019 by Mike Danford

Last weekend our sponsored athlete, Lorraine Mitchell took part in the Age-Graded Duathlon and won the gold medal for Team GB.

Last weekend our sponsored athlete, Lorraine Mitchell took part in the Age-Graded Duathlon in the town of Targu Mures in Romania. Even though the temperature reached a whopping 38.5 degrees due to the heatwave, that didn’t stop her from competing and winning a Gold Medal for Team GB!!

We caught up with Lorraine to congratulate her and hear all about it!

Building with sun shining on in Romania

Preparation is key

“Hydration has been a key focus before the race, lots of electrolyte drinks consumed.

I prepared my race kit the night before (see photo) plus the tattoos on my arm of my number 432 and of course my bike!”

Lorraines' blue uniform, sunglasses, trainers and number tattoos.

Race Day

“I was up 6.30am, banana and cereal bar for breakfast with a swig of coffee.  Then got into my kit. the conditions were warm, about 19-20 degrees and it was sunny with a welcome breeze.”

7.45am I racked my bike, checked transition set up (ie the in and out for the run and bike and mount and dismount lines), which are key to know the location of as you’ll be disqualified if you miss them and dismount after / mount before.  I set my bike in its slot and left my helmet and cycling shoes ready to grab when I came in off the run.

I did some last minute strides for 3-5 mins to elevate heart rate then we were put in pens ready to start. Start time 8.38am outside city hall.”

Ready, Set, GO!

Lorraine running down a road.
Image by kind permission of Stephen Smith Photography

“I covered the first 5k (including the run through link to transition) in 19 minutes 12 seconds (which I was really pleased with after reduced run training because of a lingering calf strain). The bike was a hard slog for me as I, for most of the cycle route of 20km, didn’t get to draft another rider or group so had to push on and try and stay focused despite my legs screaming no!

Coming off the bike I dismounted and ran in with my bike alongside a Spanish lady who went to rack her bike and took me out, I went over her bike and ended up sprawled on the floor with my bike!  I picked myself up and carried on, bike on the rack in its number slot, helmet off and trainers on. Off I went on the last run of 2.5km and my legs weren’t my friend at that point so I had to dig to maintain my pace.  I’d like to mention the Spanish runner didn’t stand a chance, after 400m I passed her and sailed away to a V40-44 category win!!”


“After the race I got into a giant paddling pool filled with cold water to ease my sore muscles. That was bliss.”

The medal ceremony was at the medieval castle at 7pm where I proudly collected my gold medal.

Lorraine on podium smiling with other athletes.

Congratulations Lorraine from all of us here at Mixd!!

Lorraine kissing gold medal.


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