Me, Myself and I

18/01/2018 by Fran Davison


Ciao! It’s Fran, newest member of the Mixd team. I’m excited to be here and introduce myself to you. You may be wondering why I said ‘hello’ in another language, well, I can explain. I would say that, my culture is something which has influenced me a lot growing up in different aspects of life. In particular, my Italian background which I am very passionate about. Oh and yes I love pizza, yes I love pasta and yes I love football! I still can’t believe Italy won’t be in this year’s World Cup. Of course I also cherish my English heritage as well, especially being from Yorkshire but I’d like to think that I add something different by having that little bit of Italian class and style.


I am a gym and health fanatic, although I never say no to chocolate! In fact I love most food, my favourite dishes being Italian (maybe I am biased) Indian, Mexican and Thai. Music is also one thing I love. I couldn’t live without Spotify, listening to it at every instance. I enjoy my drive to work from Leeds to Harrogate because I can switch the music on loud and sing to my heart’s content (which is another thing I love to do). My favourite songs are always changing, but at the moment I’m enjoying the latin genre.

I’m also a keen traveler, I have been to Italy, Slovenia, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain and the USA. My USA trip included Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas and I have to say that it has been my favourite trip so far. I love being able to experience other cultures, try different food and see the world outside of the everyday norm. This year I’m trying something new; visiting Singapore, China and the Philippines.


I graduated with a 2:1 in Marketing from Leeds Beckett University in July 2017 and this job is my first taste of real life marketing.

I have always been a deep thinker which means that my expansive imagination makes me extremely creative and that is why marketing naturally was the perfect fit. It was a subject which incorporated both aspects and something which, after getting a better understanding, seemed to become the right choice. I excelled in it at university loving modules around digital and consumer behaviour.

So, one gap year, two years at sixth form college, along with three years at university and here I am today ready to use what I have learnt and be the best I can be.


Why Mixd? Well, after a recommendation and a few open tabs on the internet I came across a company whose approach to their work matched my personal philosophy. A philosophy focused on putting other people first and putting 110% into it every single thing they do.

After spending 4 years working in customer facing jobs in retail and banking it was time to take the jump into the unknown and go behind the scenes. This is officially my first office job so, I am new to the whole set up. It is nice however to have my own desk space, laptop and not have to wear a uniform!

I did a ‘Digital Marketing’ module at university so I was aware of some of the basics of web design such as UX and responsiveness as well as SEO. It was one of my favourite modules and I did really well in it. When I found out what Mixd did and what the role I took on would entail, I was excited to get hired and get started. Digital is the future after all.


What I aspire to be, is an influential woman within marketing. I believe in empowerment in all aspects of life, from not only those around, but from ourselves. I want to be able to say that I have made a difference especially trying to get people to think differently, take chances and explore new opportunities to expand their knowledge.

My first week has been informative and intriguing. With plenty cups of tea, lots of reading, and a nice ‘welcome’ lunch I’d say it’s been a great start.

Arrivederci… for now!

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