A new development chapter

12/06/2018 by Emma Britnor


Hello, my name is Emma and I’ve just joined the team here at Mixd! I have recently completed a Digital Media degree at the University of Leeds and I am due to get my results and impending degree classification soon (fingers crossed!).

During my time at university I was lucky enough to be selected for an exchange programme, resulting in me studying at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane for the year. In Australia I further developed and strengthened my skills and solidified my desire to pursue web development as a career. My year abroad also meant that I completed 4 years of university so I now feel like I’m more ready than ever to get started with my career!

Whilst studying in Australia, I was lucky that different term times meant I got a 4 month long summer holiday over Christmas and a chance to explore many nearby countries! I spent every last penny of my savings and travelled to New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia and the Philippines!

I’m a self-diagnosed sushi addict which lead to me working part time at a sushi restaurant for two years during university. I loved working in hospitality (said no-one, ever) because I love talking to and meeting new people and of course the free sushi almost daily was a pretty good bonus! Other than sushi and web development, I am a lover of travelling and makeup (…and One Direction but I like to pretend I’m past that phase – I’m not)!

Why the web?

At school I was passionate about Maths, ICT and Art. I was lucky that the subjects I enjoyed most at school were also the subjects I excelled at, so it made sense for me to pursue them further. I wanted to combine both my creative and artistic side with my love for all things digital and that’s when I came across the course at Leeds. If I’m honest, even though I applied to 5 courses across the UK, I knew I only wanted to go to Leeds because the course catered to all my needs and I’d heard so much about what a great city Leeds is. The wide choice of modules meant that I really could give everything a go, and I did!

I remember the very first module I did that involved coding, it was in the second semester of my first year. I knew immediately that I had found what I wanted to do in the future, because even after spending hours and hours on assignments and extremely late nights in the library, I found I was actually enjoying it, instead of finding it a drag!

Opting for my exchange year was also the best choice I made because it allowed me to gain exposure to modules that were not offered to me at Leeds. I studied Programming for Visual Designers using Processing, something which was completely new to me. I also took a module which built up my (then, non-existent) JavaScript skills where we had to create a single page website, but pretty much throw in as many cool animations and interactive features that was possible using JQuery.


Checking my emails in my final year of university and I’d received one from my course leader, notifying me of a 3-day intensive workshop ran by a digital agency in Harrogate. I was immediately interested and eager to gain an insight into the operations of a small digital agency and to learn new things. Fast forward to January 2018 and I had an incredibly valuable experience at the Work In The Web workshop, I learnt a substantial amount and I was left inspired by the passion and talent that filled the Mixd office. I was keen to be involved and be part of the team!

Six months, two interviews and multiple emails later, here I am! Starting as a Graduate Developer at Mixd and I couldn’t be happier.