Ready, Steady, Mixd it!

29/03/2022 by Sarah Lilliman

The first time since lockdowns hit, finally most of our team is together again. So we booked a visit to Ready Steady Bake It!

Yesterday saw the first time since lockdowns hit, where most of our team was together again.

We’ve already seen members of our team actively returning to the office and this has meant a positive increase in communication, collaborations and even sees our newest members learning from longer standing employees. 

Socialising has always been an important part of our company culture and it sure felt good to get out with the team again. To hit the year off with a bang and celebrate joining our forces back together with new faces and old, we decided to put our creative skills to the test in a new way. 

Mike and Matt constructing their cookie dough house The team at their stations creating the cookie dough shapes Michael and Sarah Icing their cookie dough house Ed and Jim rolling out some cookie dough

We wanted to see if any of our team had developed secret baking skills throughout the past two years. So we booked a visit to Ready Steady Bake It! in Leeds. We learnt they were obviously keeping their talents under wraps as we had some interesting and imaginative cookie houses, the proof is in the pudding.

The whole team stood behind their creations.

The winning team were… 

Ash and Jordan with their awards (mini rolling pins)

…Ash and Jordan

Keep a lookout for our next social adventure, it’s bound to be a good one!

Want to join us for our next social event? Take a look at our careers page.