The Hitchhikers Guide to Work Experience

10/08/2018 by Tom Core

Why I’m Here

Quite simply – work experience!  I came to gain insight into the modern world of work and to see what may be coming in my future so that I may prepare for the eventuality of working for a company similar to this one.

Work experience is a requirement of my school. After the GCSE exam period, all students must complete a full 5 day week in a working environment. Working at Mixd offered an opportunity to see how companies build websites and how the user navigates the entire interface. Also, with my A-Level options hoping to continue down the road of design and help move me into a design career field in the future, Mixd seemed like a perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of what could be.

Work Experience is extremely important as more and more often university graduates are being turned down by potential employers on the basis that the applicant simply hasn’t enough insight and knowledge into the career they wish to go into. Work experience allows for a basic knowledge of the chosen field and also develops some skills that can easily be transferred into many different aspects of life and then going into the future job that you want.

What I’m doing here

After delving into the Mixd website, I began to appreciate the minimalist style and easy use the website allowed. I also began to look into the websites that the company had previously created; the outstanding ease of use and stylish mix of vibrant, bold and yet somehow reserved colour was what drew you in. Mixd has an extensive background in providing the health sector with efficient and elegant web design. This is quite significant as the huge amounts of people that need medical assistance never ceases, so everything must be kept up and running, and the websites need to be able to deal with absolutely anything that is required which just shows the effort and skill that the company puts into their work is phenomenal.

Being a high school student, and not the university students that Mixd usually opens their doors too, meant that I was not able to do some of the more challenging programming tasks as I simply would be lost. Instead, I was allowed to play to my strengths in photography (shooting and editing), Photoshop and social media.

Not only this, but I was shown the process of surveying, designing and how they eventually launch the websites which was extremely interesting as it outlined the process in some detail but I wasn’t overwhelmed by the amount of information. This also took me away from my comfort zone in aesthetic design and showed me the specific functional aspects needed within a web page.

I was continually tested, learning new software and its capabilities, which was immensely satisfying when tasks were completed. Being new to many of the programs that the company used was quite daunting in the beginning but as time went by I delved deeper into learning more that the programs had to offer. In the end, this meant that I was able to use quite a bit of the software, which to do so within a week, made me feel quite proud.

Photography is not only something I enjoy but is an art form that can showcase some wonderful feats. Being able to go out across Leeds to shoot in some locations I hadn’t initially thought of was a very exciting prospect and it landed me with some photos that I am very proud of. Usually shooting close-up and creating huge contrasted and slightly abstract work, doing landscape and architectural photography was not a subject that I was hugely confident in. But again Mixd pushed me further and further out of my comfort zone which I believe has given me some new insights and ideas that I can carry forward into what I do.

Final thought

I will continue to edit my photography but the new style that I adopted for my architectural study will definitely feature more prominently. My artwork and design in the coming years will change and evolve, and Mixd has had a helping hand on this journey.

Here are some examples of the work I have done this week:

Bridge over the River Aire, Granary Wharf, Leeds

Swans, Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Leeds

Caravanserai Street Food Stall, Kirkgate Market, Leeds