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Mixd has been designing accessible websites that meet WCAG standards for almost 20 years. Accessibility is more than a tick-box exercise. We combine practical know-how with a deep understanding of the latest regulations to ensure online communications are rewarding for all.

Covering  all of your web accessibility needs:

Unsure where to start with web accessibility? We can help. We’re experts in GDS Service Standards, public sector accessibility regulations and have completed accessibility audits for 50+ public sector services.

  • Web accessibility audit
  • Accessibility training and consultancy
  • User testing
  • Meeting legal requirements

Mixd helped us to design a website that is impactful, accessible and really works for our audiences.

Louise Wood Chief Operating Officer – Family Fund


What are your audit standards?

We audit against the latest WCAG 2.2 guidelines. We stay updated with changes to regulations and update all our systems and processes continuously.

Do you guide us through the results?

We offer hourly consultancy services, where we will sit with your team to help you understand the issues we found and suggest remediation techniques.

Does the audit come with a report?

Yes, all accessibility audits include a report detailing the issues we have found with direct reference to the WCAG conformance criteria that has failed.

How long does an audit take?

You can expect a complete audit to take an average of two or three weeks, but the timeline will depend on the number and complexity of templates on your website

Website accessibility training

Accessibility awareness training and web accessibility consultancy designed specifically for public sector organisations. We offer a range of training covering accessibility testing, practical accessibility for content editors and guidance on how to integrate accessibility into your workflows, leading to fewer problems down the line.

  • Web accessibility for NHS organisations

    Learn the steps needed to make inclusive documents and presentations.

  • How to create accessible content

    Learn the steps needed to make inclusive accessible content in WordPress.

  • How to create accessible PDF

    Learn the steps needed to make inclusive documents and presentations.

  • Begin your own accessibility testing

    Learn the steps needed to make inclusive documents and presentations.

user testing

Accessibility testing will help you understand the barriers some users face when navigating your website. We can work with a wide range of users with hearing, sight, mobility or cognitive impairments to test your website and provide you with valuable usability feedback. We will help you identify accessibility issues and provide the practical guidance and support to put them right, improving the overall quality of a service.

Meeting legal

In 2018, accessibility regulations came into force for public sector websites in the UK. The UK Government is now monitoring affected websites to check they follow the rules and aren’t breaking legal requirements. If you’ve received a demand letter from the Government Digital Service (GDS) website accessibility monitoring team, we can provide accessibility auditing, training and help fixing common errors.