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Better thinking

Understanding your users and their needs is the basis of our user-centred approach to designing and delivering digital services.

Digital solutions for public sector organisations.

For those in need of a fast, reliable digital solutions, we have select products boxed and ready to go.

  • Ready Mixd

    Built with the NHS, for the NHS. Ready-Mixd is a feature-rich, out-of-the-box WordPress theme for NHS organisations which takes advantage of the extensive functionality of WordPress.
  • A product box that says Mixd Intranet on it

    Mixd Intranet

    Mixd Intranet has an extensive out-of-the-box feature set which provides everything public sector organisations need to drive greater collaboration and productivity.

Mixd’s innovative approach to the Discovery phase puts people at the heart of the solution.

Bethany Hickford Project Manager – Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust

What to expect when you work with Mixd?

  • Decades of experience working with public sector services.
  • An entirely in-house, UK-based team.
  • Integrated team of designers, engineers and delivery experts.
  • Agile methodology backed by user research and analytics.
  • A commitment to achieve the highest accessibility standards.
  • Personalised training and support on WordPress.
  • Hands-on support when needed post-launch.

We can help you with:

  • Designing NHS websites and intranets.

    With two decades of experience designing NHS websites we know what works and what doesn’t. We also think long term – building sustainable digital solutions so you’re ready for the future.

  • Responding to an accessibility monitoring demand.

    If you’ve received a demand from the Government Digital Service (GDS) website accessibility monitoring team, we can provide accessibility auditing, training and help fixing common errors.

  • Solving digital transformation problems.

    We’ll help you connect with your audiences and apply design thinking to understand your problem and your users’ needs so you can find the best way forward.

  • Rapid digital service design.

    From strategy, prototyping, UI, UX, impact measurement and analytics, we’ll support you to craft end-to-end user journeys, track your progress and make continuous improvements.