Mixd is a user-centred digital agency committed to the public sector. We design and build fast, accessible and sustainable websites that support our frontline, online.

Who we are:

Founded in 2004, we are a multidisciplinary team of designers, engineers and delivery experts with a diverse mix of user experience design expertise. We use creative thinking and user-centred design processes – and 20 years of know-how – to help public sector teams create and run great public services.

For almost two decades, we have been championing web accessibility and user-centred design principles, designing simple and intuitive digital services that meet user needs. We have deep expertise in enterprise WordPress, drawn from years of experience creating websites for clients such as Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We continue to drive innovation in WordPress with our frontend framework and our knowledge of the latest public sector accessibility regulations.

Our team

We’re a mix of designers, researchers, engineers, strategists, planners and delivery experts.

Phil Shackleton

Phil Shackleton

Experience Director
Mike Danford portrait

Mike Danford

Creative Director
Rory Ashford-Bentley portrait

Rory Ashford-Bentley

Digital Director
Alex Simmonds portrait

Alex Simmonds

Client Services Director
Ed Richards portrait

Ed Richards

Service Desk Manager
Sarah Lilliman portrait

Sarah Lilliman

UX Designer
Lucy Gaughan portrait

Lucy Gaughan

Content Designer
Amie Frain

Amie Frain

Website Content Administrator
Matt Taylor portrait

Matt Taylor

Senior Engineer
Jim Chestnutt portrait

Jim Chestnutt

Senior engineer
Jordan Cranmer portrait

Jordan Cranmer

Senior Engineer
Andy Cooke portrait

Andy Cooke

Roshan Gurung portrait

Roshan Gurung

Matt Brooking portrait

Matt Brooking

James Riley portrait

James Riley


Trusted by the NHS, UK government, local authorities and charities.

From the NHS and healthcare, through to education, government, charities and the wider public sectors.

is simple.

In all our work, we apply a set of principles that define us and ensure we’re doing the right thing:

  1. It’s all about people

    From our clients to our teams, everything we do centres around people. We don’t make assumptions. Service design starts with identifying user needs.

    man sat at desk
  2. Design simplicity

    This is the touchstone for everything we do. Clarity of design and simplicity of use produce the ideal combination of form and function.

    Sketching concept designs for a website
  3. Committed to helping our clients grow

    We create new perspectives, new solutions and better ways of working through a commitment to collaboration and innovation that drive user engagement.



Building a sustainable future is really important to us at Mixd. We are committed to reducing the impact that designing, developing and hosting websites has on the environment. By using an environmentally friendly cloud infrastructure, optimising the websites we build to reduce data transfer and by minimising our own impact, we can mitigate the impact of our own operations on the environment.

The way Mixd operates aligns perfectly with this goal – we use the Google Cloud Platform and Cloudflare to power our hosting infrastructure, which means your websites run on 100% renewable energy. And, as Mixd’s team is remote, our employees don’t have to commute every day so we generate less waste, including office supplies, prepackaged food and more. While we’ve already seen a year-on-year reduction thanks to our monitoring and reporting, we want to do more. To keep ourselves accountable, we’ll continue to publish our progress towards Net Zero as part of our annual Carbon Reduction Plans.

We can help you with:

  • Designing NHS websites and intranets.

    With two decades of experience designing NHS websites we know what works and what doesn’t. We also think long term – building sustainable digital solutions so you’re ready for the future.

  • Responding to an accessibility monitoring demand.

    If you’ve received a demand from the Government Digital Service (GDS) website accessibility monitoring team, we can provide accessibility auditing, training and help fixing common errors.

  • Solving digital transformation problems.

    We’ll help you connect with your audiences and apply design thinking to understand your problem and your users’ needs so you can find the best way forward.

  • Rapid digital service design.

    From strategy, prototyping, UI, UX, impact measurement and analytics, we’ll support you to craft end-to-end user journeys, track your progress and make continuous improvements.