Ready Mixd – a flexible WordPress theme for NHS Trusts

We're delighted to announce we’ve developed a new ‘out-the-box’ website solution for NHS Trusts.

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25th September, 2023
Phil Shackleton
nurses planning

As Mixd has spent almost two decades designing, developing and hosting public facing websites for NHS Trusts, we observed that many of our solutions frequently require similar features. We’ve also found that a significant number of our clients often operate within tight budget constraints which often leads to the exclusion of a user research phase during discovery.

In response to this, we’ve dedicated the past few months to developing a new product called Ready Mixd that consolidates the frequently requested features into a fast, accessible and customisable solution that can be readily adapted by NHS teams.

The development of our Ready Mixd WordPress theme, aligns with the principles of the NHS Service Manual and takes advantage of the extensive functionality of WordPress. Ready Mixd is a feature-rich, out-of-the-box solution for NHS Trusts, which brings together the latest user research, design and development from across the NHS to make sure it’s user focused.

We believe Ready Mixd provides a superb option for NHS Trusts seeking to efficiently deliver an exceptional user-centred Trust website at an affordable price which is quick to implement.

Features summary:

Discover how you can modernise your Trust website:

If you would like to find out more about how Ready Mixd can provide a dynamic online presence for your NHS Trust, get started today with a free demo.

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