Want to work in the web?

In the ever-evolving world of web development, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices is crucial for creating inclusive and accessible digital experiences.

Lucy Gaughan

Matt and Ed recently had the privilege of being invited to share their knowledge on web development and accessibility with the students of Leeds Beckett University. This engaging lecture shed light on the importance of making the web a more inclusive space and how developers can play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

The main focus of this lecture was to share their insight into which skills are essential to embarking upon a successful career working within the industry. The topics that were covered included problem solving, collaboration using version control, accessibility and the benefits of using a CMS such as WordPress.

The lecture was enriched with real-world examples. They showcased some of the recent websites Mixd have worked on that have successfully integrated accessibility, design and creativity. Matt and Ed were also able to delve deeper into working with public sector organisations and how following the gov.uk design system and NHS service manual meant that our websites are attractive, modern and accessible websites for users to get the information they need.

After the lecture took place, Matt and Ed had the opportunity to sit down with the students of Leeds Beckett University who demonstrated the projects they were working on. Matt and Ed were then able to further educate the students and provide hints and tips and answer any questions on how to extend their skills and improve their projects further.

“In my second year Web Design class I ask Mixd to come in and talk to the students about the skills that are needed to get started in the industry. Matt and Ed gave an excellent talk about what it’s like to work in the industry, the additional skills that students can develop and how they can best secure a placement year at a web company. They even found the time to sit with the students to give feedback on their work and some tips on how to build their designs. The session was very well received by the students.

We have a good proportion of graduates who choose to work in the web and this is in part thanks to our relationship with Mixd and the time they offer our students by supplying talks, briefs for assignments and placement opportunities.”

Ant Pearson (Course Leader, Creative Media Technology)

The lecture at Leeds Beckett University was an inspiring and educational event for both students and faculty. It showcased the vital role that web developers play in creating an inclusive online environment. We look forward to seeing more of our team, like Matt and Ed, inspiring the next generation of web developers to work in the industry and champion web accessibility to help build a more inclusive digital world.