Mixd simplifies public sector digital services through user-centred design. By placing your users at the centre of your project, we’ll translate your vision into a delightful user experience.

Beautiful form and the perfect function.

Using an iterative UX design approach, we create beautifully-crafted websites that stand out from the crowd – and perfect function comes as standard.

  • User journeys
  • Concept sketches
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Service design
  • Design systems
  • Web accessibility design

Mixd are a very professional team, who are easy to work with. They helped us to design a website that is impactful, accessible and really works for our audiences.

Louise Wood Chief Operating Officer – Family Fund

Agile methodology:

Through collaborative engagement throughout the UX design process, we establish a unified vision. Our agile methodology, driven by sprints, enables us to swiftly create prototypes, iterate effectively and substantiate our ideas through user testing. This iterative cycle allows us to continually enhance our creative solutions, ultimately crafting a high-fidelity visual design in close partnership with you.

Design simplicity:

Clarity of design and simplicity of use produce the ideal combination of form and function. Design encompasses far more than aesthetics alone. Every solution we provide prioritises the end-user – by collaborating with us using a user-centred approach we’ll save time during development and deliver an inclusive user experience that above all, is easy to use.

Understanding user needs

To craft user-centric designs and exceptional user experiences, it is essential to engage the users who will ultimately utilise your products or services.

  • Accessibility testing

    We can work with a wide range of users with hearing, sight, mobility or cognitive impairments to test your website to help identify accessibility issues and provide the practical guidance to put them right.

  • Usability testing

    Usability testing involves recruiting real target users and running one-on-one sessions with them asking them to ‘think aloud’ as they try to complete specific tasks using your service.

  • Small group workshops

    Running interactive workshops with small groups can be an effective method for testing that helps us learn more about the things that actual or likely users do, how they do them.

Validate designs with data

No more guessing what people want. We will back up opinions with facts using online tools like Hotjar, Analytics and heat maps.

  • Actionable insights:

    Enable your team to confidently make data-driven decisions by utilising quantitative and qualitative research tools that provide reliable insights.

  • First-click testing:

    Get feedback on designs fast. We can test design prototypes with users quickly and easily – meaning faster iterations, feedback and turnaround.

  • ​​Prioritise changes:

    Make informed decisions grounded in data. Cease speculation about your users’ preferences and validate every concept with trustworthy user insights.