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Mixd is a leading enterprise WordPress agency, with almost 20 years of experience in developing world-class WordPress websites and intranets for UK public sector organisations.

Bespoke WordPress development: 

As an enterprise WordPress agency, Mixd specialise in customising and extending the open-source WordPress content management system to fit a wide range of public sector needs.

  • Custom WordPress plugin development
  • Enterprise-grade WordPress security
  • Multilingual and localisation
  • Performance and speed optimisation
  • Secure membership areas
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Bespoke API integrations
  • Complex content migrations
  • Bespoke Gutenberg development

WordPress for the public sector:

As an enterprise WordPress agency, we specialise in delivering scalable digital solutions for public sector services that have lots of content.

  • WordPress development:

    For almost 20 years, our focus has been on developing websites for the NHS. Content editors require efficient tools to manage content effectively.

  • Intranets and extranets:

    We’ve developed a powerful intranet platform on WordPress that has been designed specifically for the needs of UK public sector organisations.

  • Small sites and microsites:

    Our open-source frontend framework allows us to develop and launch microsites for specific services like careers, charities or specialist health services quickly.

  • Custom development:

    We have created high-quality, rigorously tested bespoke WordPress functionality including custom APIs, Google Maps, NHS APIs, single-sign-on integrations and more.

Mixd frontend framework

The Mixd frontend framework serves as the cornerstone for our frontend development. Everything in our design system has already been tested for usability and accessibility, enabling us to develop fast, accessible frontend code with confidence. Additionally, our framework incorporates components from the GOV.UK / NHS Design Systems. This approach saves time – as we’re able to develop quickly with a reusable set of components designed to support a variety of specific user-focused tasks.

Enterprise-grade architecture

As a WordPress Agency, we take great pride in our inventive approach to development and DevOps. We have well-established workflows and processes backed by branching strategies, version control and comprehensive continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines. This ensures that our WordPress development consistently complies with best practices concerning coding standards, naming conventions, security protocols and accessibility guidelines.

WordPress support:

Get support from the UK’s foremost public sector WordPress experts. We offer best-in-class support that works as your extended team with troubleshooting, expert reviews, training and site improvements.

  • Unrivalled experience:

    We pride ourselves on having an ultra-responsive, friendly team. Benefit from recommendations based on our deep experience supporting other public sector websites.

  • 24/7 support:

    Mixd are experts at running public sector WordPress websites and offer comprehensive support to help work through training, architecture, security and compliance.

  • WordPress training:

    We train your team to develop their skills with structured WordPress training based on years of experience training communications teams in public sector organisations.

  • Content migration:

    We will work together with you to evaluate and reorganise your website content and can offer assistance with, or lead the content migration to guarantee a smooth transfer.

We have been working with Mixd for several years now and are really impressed by Mixd‘s commitment to cyber security.

Chris Bailey Head of Development – United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Why choose WordPress?

Mixd is trusted by the NHS, UK government, local authorities, emergency services and charities to develop fast, accessible websites that are crafted on the WordPress platform.

  • Security:

    The number of high profile brands that rely on WordPress is testament to its robustness. WordPress has a global community and a codebase which is open and constantly reviewed.

  • Open source:

    We save our clients hours by utilising an open source CMS that promotes flexibility. The collaborative nature of enterprise WordPress also avoids lock-ins which is advantageous for public services.

  • Scalability:

    WordPress comfortably handles exceptionally high levels of traffic, queries and content delivery for the world’s biggest publishers and is the ideal solution for public services.

  • Cost effective:

    Procurement decisions will often be awarded on a value for money basis. WordPress offers significant cost savings and value for both maintenance and development.


Is WordPress and open source software safe for enterprises?

WordPress currently powers around 43% of all websites on the internet. Unfortunately, this widespread use has led to several well-publicised security breaches, raising concerns about the platform’s security. Hackers aren’t getting in due to vulnerabilities in the WordPress software. Rather, most sites get hacked from entirely preventable issues, like not keeping things updated or using insecure passwords. At Mixd, we go to great lengths to bolster WordPress security. We employ specialised security tools including Cloudflare’s WAF and DDoS mitigation that effectively mitigate a vast majority of security challenges and maintain a high level of vigilance in safeguarding your data.

How do Mixd provide additional security for public sector organisations?

Mixd provides a stable, managed platform with enterprise-grade technology that automates threat detection and therefore limits the things customers need to worry about. We block attacks with continuous monitoring, automated updates, proactive threat detection and edge protection. In addition, our dedicated security team scans the risk and compliance landscape to ensure your site’s never compromised.

What is your process for updating WordPress?

Our team promptly deploys security patches and other protections to mitigate critical vulnerabilities. We alert all customers of upcoming WordPress updates and make sure you are on the latest version of the platform.